Company Introduction
We are located in Jiaonan Lingang Industrial park,Qingdao China, have more than 300 employees and 4 branch factories that can produce different product series, all products are exported abroad completely, such as Europe, USA, Australia, Africa, Asia, etc, established good trust and business cooperation relationship with a lot of international buyers all over the world.
We mainly produce different kinds of Wheel barrow, Garden cart, Hand trolley, other metal tools, Rubber Wheel and other metal products: 1. wheel barrows: including steel tray wheel barrow, plastic tray wheel barrow and junior wheel barrow, more than 300 models, annual output 4 million pieces. 2. Tyres and tubes: including 6" to 16" more than 60 models wheel barrow tyre, 8" to 19" more than 40 models motorcycle tyres, and more than 40 models of motor-driven vehicle tyres. 3.Butyl inner tube: 16"x5.00-6", 16"x6.50-8", 8"x2.50-4", 10"x3.50-4", 13"x2.50-8", 13"x3.00-8", 13"x3.25-8" ...... 4. Wheels: 2" to 16" more than 100 models of solid wheels, hollow wheels, air wheels and semi-pneumatic wheels, annual output about 20 million pieces. [more>>>]
Hot Products
013 WB6102 HR1850B SC0401 SR1302 SR0802 CR0705 SP0804 PR1616 PR1322 PR1208 PR1024 PR0814 TL1302 PU1618 PU1501 PU1302 PU0902 PU0804 PU0601
Address: No.777, Qingdao Zhong Road, Jiaonan Lingang Industrial Park, Qingdao China
Post Code: 266431
Tel: +86-532-8719-5288
Fax: +86-532-8518-2155
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